Price: $175

State: Missouri
City: Saint Louis
Zip code: 63128
Type: Animals

I have WAY too many chins & need to sell off some of my breeders. I have many colors to choose from but will only sale them as pairs. They have be mated up from breeding age & never separated so I don't want to do that now. They would grieve for each other if separated. Here are some pics of the pairs I have to sell. The pics are in the order of the list.
1] ebony male with a dark tan female
2] dark tan male with an dark ebony female
3] dark ebony male with a dark ebony female
Even though they are young breeders, they are friendly & sweet. I handle all my chins so they are used to the human touch. They are shy because they are not exposed to other people but will warm up to you very quickly once they get to know you.
(for those who have never had breeders, they tend to have 1 to 3 babies usually once a year, rarely twice)
Each pair is $175 for the pair & I will send them to their new home with a bag of feed, and timothy hay. Please serious inquires only. write me at: winniemae at or call 314 200- afternoons only. these are quality animals less than 3 yrs old. some are still with kits.