Price: $200

State: Missouri
City: Saint Louis
Zip code: 63128
Type: Animals

I have WAY too many chins & need to sell off some of my breeders. I have many colors to choose from but will only sale them as pairs. They have be mated up from breeding age & never separated so I don't want to do that now. They would grieve for each other if separated. Here are some pics of the pairs I have to sell. The pics are in the order of the list.
1] ebony male with a dark tan female
2] dark tan male with an dark ebony female
3] dark ebony male with a dark ebony female
4] homo beige male with a homo beige female
5] sapphire male with a violet female
Each pair is $200 for the pair & I will send them to their new home with a bag of feed, and timothy hay. I do have some cages for sale if that is needed. please serious inquires only. write me at: winniemae at or call 314 200- afternoons only. these are quality animals less than 3 yrs old. some are still with kits.