Price: $75

State: Missouri
City: Saint Louis
Zip code: 63119
Type: Animals

Lady Gouldian Finch Available in St. Louis
All Lady Gouldians are fed only the best food/seed ans vitamin supplements and are in top health and beautiful feather.
Normal Greenbacks Available
Male - red head/purple breast/greenback $75 (2 available)
Female - black head/purplebreast/greenback $75 (1 available)
Female - red head/purple breast/greenback $75 (1 available)
Yellowbacks Available
Female - black head (visually white)/ white breast/ yellowback $85 (2 available)
Female - black head (visually white)/purple breast/ yellowback $85 (2 available)
Female - orange head (visually red/orange/yellow mix) purple breast/yellowback $90 split4blue (1 available)
No Shipping Available - Local Delivery Only
All prices are firm unless you purchase more than 2 birds.
Free delivery/drop off within 25 mile radius from St. Louis area.